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Our Mission

To develop innovative business process solutions and deliver education in sales and operations planning while providing personalized services that lead to real, sustainable efficiencies in all phases of the supply chain.


Meet our President 

Pamelyn Lindsey’s drive for excellence is a reflection of her personality.  She is inherently a planner, a change manager and a relationship builder.  Her venture into L4 Services LLC is a result of more than 25 years in integrated business planning, sales and operations planning and supply chain management. 


Pam knew that personalization and flexibility were her goals for both herself and her clients.  From the foundation of her career at DuPont, to her recent role as the director of Global Supply Chain Operations at telecommunications and network and network strategy company Ciena Corporation, Pam has built a solid industry reputation.  She has become a well-known and respected expert in project management, manufacturing, process strategy, company safety, risk management, and training and development. She has brought excellence to clients in a variety of global and domestic industries, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fluoroproducts and agriculture.

In addition to her skilled professional relationships, Pam also serves on the corporate board of directors of APICS (Association for Supply Chain Management), is a certified supply chain professional and an international speaker at industry conferences.  She is an APICS Associate Instructor, a former VP of Education and a Six Sigma Black Belt.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and a master's degree in supply chain management from Morgan State University.

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